Filippo Tomasello

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EuroUSC-Italia, Italy (On behalf of the REAL Consortium)
Bio Data 

Bio Data       Filippo Tomasello was flight test engineer in Italian Air Force until 1984. Subsequently, he was responsible in ENAV (Italian civil Air Traffic Control) for R&D and modernization projects, for automation of Area Control Centres. He chaired the ICAO Aeronautical Mobile Communication Panel (AMC) which was in charge, inter alia, of electromagnetic-spectrum matters. Manager for coordination of ATM development plans in Northern Europe in EUROCONTROL since 2000. From 2005 worked at European Commission on accident investigation, data collection and extension of EASA remit to ATM/ANS and aerodromes. In EASA from 2007 to Jan 2015, as rule-making officer, developed rules on ATM, aerodromes, flight operations, flight crew licensing and initial airworthiness, including related regulatory impact assessments. Since 2008 he was focal point for rulemaking on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). He was leader of a consultancy provided by EASA to the European Space Agency (ESA) for regulatory compliance and safety of the project ‘Iris’ (aeronautical mobile communications via satellite over continental Europe). Member or chair of several ICAO Committees, Panels or Study Groups, including the UAS SG which developed the ICAO “Manual” on the subject. Rapporteur of WG/2 (organisations)In JARUS. Earlier Professor on international aviation safety regulation at University “Parthenope”; now he teaches ATM and aviation safety at http://www.unifortunato.eu. Having left EASA in January 2015, became Technical Director of EuroUSC Italia, where now he is CEO. He also supports the Qatar participation to JARUS and, at ICAO, represents UVS International in the Space “Learning Group” and in the RPAS Panel.