Nico Nijenhuis

Bio Data :
Nico Nijenhuis (29) studied Applied Physics and Engineering Fluid Dynamics at the University of Twente. During his studies he spent time in Malawi, Africa with local tobacco farmers, wrote his Bachelor thesis at CERN in Geneva, and did an internship at the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory NLR during his Master, where he developed and validated a novel theory for the aerodynamic Near Ground Effect. Soon after being handed an early prototype of a Robird by his professor, Nico founded Clear Flight Solutions together with Robert. The company now has 13 employees and completely focuses on the development and operation of their Robirds and other (bird-like) Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (drones) technologies in wildlife control and wildlife protection.

Abstract : 
Bird strikes are one of the major problems in aviation, a problem that is getting worse due to the growing number of birds and the increasing number of flights with aircraft that are getting quieter
and faster. By far the best way to deter birds is by using a RPAS robotic bird of prey. The dilemma is the legal restrictions of using RPAS in a CTR on the one hand and enhancing the safety manned aviation on the other hand. For the operations inside the CTR stakeholders had to come up with protocols for seperation whereby effective bird control is still possible without increasing the workload of ATC.