Tim Searle


SpaceTec Partners, Belgium

(On behalf of the DroneRules Consortium)


Bio Data    

Tim Searle is a senior consultant at SpaceTec Partners, working on cost benefit analyses, feasibility studies and managing projects for the space industry. A dual national of New Zealand and Great Britain, he currently works in Munich, Germany. Tim has been consulting across a range of industries and countries over the past decade and has 7 years of consulting experience for both the public and private sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Business and Communications combined with a Certificate in Mgmt., (Employment Law & Human Resources). Along with inputs to commercial projects, he is currently working on three European projects co-funded by the H2020 and COSME programmes, ALTAIR, HYPROGEO and as deputy project manager of DroneRules.eu. As a long time drone enthusiast and amateur drone pilot, working with the dronerules.eu project and having the opportunity to attend conferences on related topics are of great interest as he continues to expand his knowledge on unmanned aircraft regulation across Europe.


The DronesRules.EU COSME co-funded project is building a comprehensive and high quality online presence in order to create THE reference web portal in the European Union (EU) (+ Norway and Switzerland). The aim being to increase awareness and to facilitate understanding of the legal environment and constraints in relation with light RPAS operations (safety, privacy and data protection, insurance, etc.), with a focus on non-commercial operators (incl. hobbyists). The project will also facilitate access to the European market for commercial operators intending to use RPAS in their home country, or in other EU countries, and showcase the opportunities for economic and job market growth that RPAS represent for entrepreneurs and Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Over the last few months the DroneRules.eu project has undergone significant developments, producing new tools, information and National Regulatory Profiles designed to give a legislation overview of European member states. This conference presents the opportunity to give a full rundown on the status of the project and how the updates aim to positively affect different users and member states (and Norway and Switzerland). The speaker will present these new aspects and also what still lies ahead.