Anastasio Sanchez




Bio Data

MS in Telecommunication Engineering (Technical University of Madrid) and Head of ATLAS Flight Test Center. He participated in design, development and operations of MINISAT 01 (INSA-INTA). Later he joined Ericsson Spain, working in Operators Support and leading the support to Vodafone Spain as Service Delivery Manager. In 2010 he joined FADA as Head of ATLAS, supporting design and execution of RPAS/UAS operations for different customers.


A summary of the technical work performed by the different working groups of the Spanish RPAS Advisory Council will be presented. These working groups are defining guidelines and support information to help operators and RPAS manufacturers in the implementation of the Spanish RPAS regulation approved in December 2017. In particular, results related to minimum specifications for RPAS mandatory equipment, communication systems, and standards scenarios will be presented. On the other hand, it will be also presented the capabilities of ATLAS center which is a unique civilian RPAS/UAS Test center in Spain where test flights can be performed in order to validate the specifications and guideliesn established by the different working groups that formed the Spanish RPAS Adivosry Council.

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