Andreas Ploier


When Safety Matters – Parachutes as a Risk Mitigation Measure for Drones

Drone Rescue Systems, Austria

Bio Data

Andreas Ploier, is the CEO of Drone Rescue Systems GmbH, a company awarded with the ESNC-Award by the ESA. DRS is focused on making drones usages safe. Prior to Drone Rescue Systems he successfully founded a company during his studies at the University of Graz, where he studied Business Administration and Environmental System Science.


A parachute is perfectly suited as a risk mitigation for drones if there is a problem during the flight. What is needed to build a completely autonomous safety devise, that provides the different kind of users the much needed safety for bystanders on the ground and physical goods will be discussed. When is a solutions manually, automatically and when does ist work autonomously will be discussed. Further, how new regaultions will be needed, to provide the same safety aspects as we now in from the car industry. Drone Rescue Systems is focusing on being an important enabler for a safe commercial drone usage. DRS developed a completely autonomous parachute safety solution for multi-copters for the weight category of up to 20kg. The system has its own electronics and sensors on board, that detect any kind of problem there is with a drone during the flight and would still be able to eject the parachute if the drone is flying BVLOS and has a complete malfunction. The system is autonomously working, because the detection of problems and the decision making comes from the system itself, not from the drone’s flight controller. Our system got independently tested and passed with 100% success rate. An autonomous safety devise like that will be the last and final chance if you are planning to use drones in urban areas. It can protect the very expensive equipment, the drone, bystanders on the ground and physical goods. If a flight is for example planned with an expensive lidar equipment for measurements of a constructional project in a city, a device like that will be needed.


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