Angela Kies



Bio Data

Angela Kies is part of the UAS/ UTM Development & Solutions team at DFS, the German Air Navigation Service Provider. Together with her colleagues, she works on the implementation of a national UTM system for Germany.
Ms. Kies is member of the EASA UAS Expert Group, the CANSO UTM Ad hoc Group, the “Drohnen Beirat” of the German Ministry of Transport (BMVI) and of the DIN standardisation committee for UAS.
Besides studying communication sciences, economics and psychology at Munich University, Ms. Kies holds a MBA degree from the University of San Diego. She has worked in strategic planning and corporate business development in the aviation industry for more than 20 years.


The expected number of UAS as compared to manned aircraft is the biggest challenge for airspace management. The number of UAS interferences with manned aircraft continuously grows. To face these challenges DFS teamed with Deutsche Telekom for UTM development in very low level airspace. Primary goal is to get drones visible in the airspace in order to enhance aviation safety. Secondary goal is to enable market development in Germany for all kinds of drone operations.

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