Antonio Marchetto


The EU drone Regulation – The State of Play

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), European Union

Bio Data

As EASA RPAS Technologies Expert Antonio Marchetto is involved on regulatory as well as certification activities in the civil unmanned aircrafts domain. He has been particularly engaged in the process leading to the publication of the Agency’s technical opinion on a regulatory framework for the operation of unmanned aircrafts. Before joining the Agency he worked for several years in the military unmanned aircraft domain being deeply involved in the nEUROn program and, previously, in the UAV demonstrator program Sky-X. He formerly carried out systems design, development and certification activities for several other programs, such as the C27-J airlifter and the Eurofighter. He holds a degree in Electronics Engineering from the Turin Polytechnic and a Master in Technology Management from the Stetson School of Business and Economics of Mercer University, Atlanta.


Reviewing the most important priniples of the new European UAS regulatory framework for the Open and Specific categories of operations as defined by the Implementing and Delegated Act, the presentation will fully define the state of play, including transitional period until full applicability, adoption of AMC and GMs, adoption of Harmonized Standards, standard scenarios, scenarios with predefined risk assessment, SORA as risk assessment for the specific category. The presentation will also shortly describe the certified category concept as presented and discussed during recent workshops with stakeholders and the plan for its regulatory development. Finally EASA will share with the audience status and plan of the on-going U-space regulatory developments.

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