Christian Cantaloube


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Thales, France

Bio Data

Christian Cantaloube is a graduate from two french engineering schools. He made all is carreer in the Thales group and mainly in the Avionics division where he hold various positions in R&T and R&D project management. He is now at the technical directrorate of the avionic division in charge of orientating and validating the technical activities related to UAS/RPAS.


The presentation makes the status of several projects initiated by the French CDC , for various applications. This approach is dominated by the objective of ansewring business needs as soon as possible while ensuring the safety and security of people, infrastructres and other traffics.This approach, driven by the expression of needs of ends users and authorities, leverages on the expertise gained by the main avionic, airframe, ATC suppliers in safety, security assurance while embarking the academic and scientific network as well as the small enterprises building or operating UAV solutions.

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