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Trilateral Research, UK

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Christina Hitrova is a Research Analyst in the Data Science team of Trilateral Research. Christina provides policy and regulatory advice on the legal and ethical impacts of technology, such as civil drone use and digital criminal investigation tools, with a special focus on privacy and data protection. She has worked on cybersecurity culture in organisations, privacy aspects of blockchain technology and machine learning and policy developments regarding e-government.

Alongside carrying out legal and policy research for several EU-funded projects in the fields of data privacy and technology, Christina provides regulatory and policy advice on data protection law, including the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on organisations in the public and private sectors.

Before joining Trilateral, Christina gathered experience with interdisciplinary research and policy analysis in academic, NGO, think tank and public administration environments, and trained with the Legal Service of the European Commission in Brussels.


With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the drone industry as a whole (pilots, operators and manufacturers) will be obliged to take data protection law into account when planning and carrying out their activities. Where and when should you fly? How should you choose the best drone for the task and how should you incorporate data protection in the design and build of a drone? Where should you avoid flying? To help support drone professionals, DroneRules PRO – a EU-funded project, will develop educational resources and guidelines for drone professionals, introducing them to privacy and data protection law and informing them how to comply with them. The project will enrich the information portal DroneRules.eu.
This presentation will briefly introduce listeners to the major challenges raised by the GDPR for the drone industry and will present the project’s work to date – a Privacy Code of Conduct, a Privacy Impact Assessment Template, a Pre-flight Checklist and a Privacy-by-Design Guide – all freely available online. Each of these resources will support the work of operators, pilots and manufacturers, helping them comply with their legal obligations by identifying risks and appropriate safeguards. This will enable drone professionals to practice risk management and understand their business and how to carry it out safely and responsibly. Finally, the upcoming work of DroneRules PRO will be presented – launching of an interactive e-learning course for drone professionals and testing it in real-life training sessions in 5 European countries.
The participation of drone professionals from all fields is encouraged and welcomed, both for this presentation, as well as for the duration of the entirety of the DruneRules PRO project which finishes in November 2019.

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