Dr Oliver Heinrich

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BHO Legal, Germany

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Oliver Heinrich is co-founder and partner of BHO Legal. The law firm is a consortium member of the “Drone.Rules.eu” EU funded project. Oliver advises national and international public entities and corporations on legal aspects in high technology projects. Prior to working as an attorney, Oliver was project manager for the European Satellite Navigation System Gallileo at the German Aerospace Centre, DLR e.V. and legal manager of the consortium bidding for the Galileo concession. Oliver is a member of the Board of Directors of UVS International.


Following the latest amendments on regulations for flying drones in Germany, in force as of early April 2017, the presentation starts out by providing a brief overview of the new situation and then focusses on an awareness tool developed in the scope of the DroneRules.eu project. The tool provides a simple to use decision-guideline about the regulatory regime for drone users in Germany. Users will no longer be required to find their way through the complex rules and regulations having to determine the rules applicable to them. Instead it will guide them on a step-by-step process through the rules, keeping a focus on what is relevant for their individual case and leaving out, what is not. At the end of the process, the user will have a good understanding about the arrangements he/she needs to undertake for legal operation. Depending on the implementation process achieved at the time, the presentation will also provide a live demonstration of the tool.

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