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Phiesel Daniel

Phiesel Daniel




Federal Ministry of Transport & Digital Infrastructure, Germany

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Daniel Phiesel has been responsible for Airworthiness and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for nearly three years.
His main tasks include leading the working group Safety and UTM of the German Drone Council and participating in JARUS as a technical expert.
Prior to joining Division LF 18 (Airworthiness, Air Operations, Licensing, Aviation Safety, Federal Aviation Office) as Assistant Director, Mr. Phiesel studied Aerospace Engineering before serving the Federal Armed Forces as a naval pilot and later as a Licensing Officer.
In addition to his professional duties, Daniel Phiese

l refreshes his pilot license by working as a co-pilot rated on A320. At the same time he is working on a dissertation at RWTH Aachen University on a simplified approach on the risk assessment for the operation of small UAS.


The standardized risk assessment SORA-GER provides a basis for the assessment of risks while operating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). SORA-GER is used by German CAAs on a Federal State level to issue permits and the admission of waivers regarding the operation of UAS.
The aim of creating SORA-GER was to establish a consistent and uniform procedure to permit UAS operation by following a risk-based approach, while at the same time simplifying the sometimes complex SORA process designed for a wide-range of UAS operations compared to rather simple operations German CAAs are facing at the moment.
Within the SORA-GER process UAS-operators provide information relevant for the risks for persons on the ground as well as for other air traffic participants. By taking these parameters into consideration in a standardized way, objective criteria can be assessed by the authorities in the approval procedure.
SORA-GER is based on JARUS recommendations, but simplifies their SORA-approach to specific procedures tailored to Germany’s interests and its CAAs’ needs while mainly focussing on the operation on smaller UAS.

SORA-GER concentrates on safety assessments and includes neither security or privacy considerations nor nature protection or noise prevention.

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