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Retired Colonel from the French air force after 25 years of service, Mr Dominique COLIN has an extensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience of the military aircraft operations, strategic planning, the joint procurement constraints and the airworthiness requirements for State aircraft. Dominique COLIN is today an internationally recognized expert in RPAS. He chaired EUROCAE WG73 SG3 «C3 Link» and JARUS WG5 «C2 Link», now involved in JARUS WG7 to provide expertise in the JARUS CONOPS and supporting EDA abd SJU in RPAS related studies. He is also the rapporteur of the ICAO RPAS Panel WG2 «C2 Link» and the co-author of the EUROCONTROL RPAS ATM CONOPS.


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), more specifically Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), are increasingly becoming a part of our day to day lives. The vast range of possible uses is creating a new industry with a large economic potential. The technological developments are being developed at a much faster pace than that for manned aviation. The challenge lies in integrating the worlds of manned and unmanned aircraft in a safe and efficient way as both types of aircraft will use the same airspace. As most regulations have been put in place as a reaction to market developments, harmonisation has not been achieved and this also affects the ATM perspective. This document, the EUROCONTROL RPAS Concept of Operations (CONOPS), describes the operations of RPAS in European Airspace that are capable of meeting the requirements set per airspace classification including Very Low Level (VLL) operations. The CONOPS is presented from an air traffic management (ATM) perspective and is fully complemental to the EASA CONOPS. Full implementation of this CONOPs is targeted after 2023, when the set of documents, rules and technologies will enable seamless and safe integration of RPAS into ATM.

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