Grégoire Guerout


Drone Regulatory Needs for Media Production

Alerion, France
On behalf of the Multidrone Consortium

Bio Data

Grégoire Guerout is a research and development engineer at Alerion. Grégoire works on business solutions by designing and developing innovative drones and drones’ cyber-physical components. He is the project manager for Alerion of the H2020 project Multidrone aiming to design a multiple drones system for media production, working on the drone development side and associated works. He has two Master degrees, one in mechatronics engineering in France and one in autonomous vehicles at Cranfield University (UK) where he designed a novel polyhedral multi-rotor drone during his MSc Thesis.


Multidrone is a H2020 (collaborative EU) project aiming to develop an innovative intelligent multi-drone team platform for media production to cover outdoor events. Its main objective is to propose a system with an increased multiple drone decisional autonomy, by minimizing production crew load & required interventions, and improved multiple drone robustness & safety mechanisms. This will enable the drone to carry out its mission against errors or crew inaction and to handle emergencies. An overview of the project with its current progress will be presented, along with considerations in terms of safety, security, flight regulation & data privacy rules.

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