Ingrid Michon-Derkzen

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands


Bio Data

Ingrid Michon studied law and started in 2001 her career in the national government. She worked as a policy officer and a project manager, in the fields of safety and security. In 2015, she started as a manager at the civil aviation department of the ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Her focus is on public-private cooperation and facilitating innovation. Ingrid is 40 years old, lives in The Hague and is mother of three.


RPAS appear at a higher pace than the airspace is able to accommodate. The capabilities of and applications for drones appear unlimited. Innovation is required, both for the technology of the drone as for the management of all these drones in the airspace. Ingrid Michon will present the view and ambition of the Netherlands regulator.

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