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XAG, China

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Justin Gong, Co-founder and Vice President of XAG Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2007, XAG (XAIRCRAFT) is one of the world’s largest agricultural UAS and robot companies. XAG specialises in agricultural UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) design, development, manufacturing and operating. During the last 11 years, Justin and his partner Peng Bin had successfully introduced UAS Survey and crop-dusting services to millions of Chinese farmers, and continue to expand on global market.

Justin Gong was born in a village in Hangzhou, studied business and arts in Sydney, and lived Australia for 8 years. The multi-cultural experience gives him curiosity also encourages him to care about the world.He founded a film production company called JUSMEDIA after graduation from university, producing films and documentaries for TV stations and major film studios. He worked as a film producer, a wildlife photographer and a war journalist during that time.

In 2009, He started using drones to capture animal migrations and fell in love with the flying machines. Soon, He joined XAG (XAIRCRAFT) as the co-founder. Year 2014, He returned to China, working full-time at XAG, in charge of marketing and globalisation. The company has grown from 13 geeks to 1400+ employees since then.


Founded in 2007, XAG Co., Ltd. is a world leading agricultural technology company, focuses on agricultural automation and R&D of unmanned devices. The company employed more than 1,400 top talents in UAS R&D, manufacturing and applications, and trained over 70,000 professional UAS operators and new generation hi-tech farmers. Its services and operations cover 29 provinces in China, and 19 other countries around the world including Japan, Korea, Australia, etc. Currently, XAG operates over 7,000 Agricultural UASs and approximately 80,000 UAS operations everyday around the world.

Justin will talk about how XAG trains, operates and manages those over 7,000 Agricultural UASs, how to make so many UASs fly safely over farmland, and what verification and comparative experiments XAG has done in those 20 countries around the world during last five years.

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