Kai Giese (presenting with Steven Verver)


Is it droneable? A framework to determine the applicability of drones for bridge inspections

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands

Bio Data 

Kai Giese (Netherlands, 1972) is a civil engineer who has gained experience on a large number of infrastructural construction-projects. The last 8 years he has been mainly involved in infrastructure asset management (maintenance) as a procurement- and contract manager. This is where he made his first acquaintance with the UAS industry. He has led several pilot projects to explore the possibilities for surveying infrastructural objects with UAS. He has an special interest for the application of (survey/UAS) footage throughout the entire asset management information chain. Therefore, he has developed an online platform to organize, provide and apply large quantities of footage and inspection data in the whole information chain (for example visual procurement).


The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management manages about 6500 bridges in the Netherlands. In many cases, the costs and leadtime of bridge inspections can be lowered dramatically using drones. But: traditional inspection companies have not widespread drone technology in their daily routines yet, so most bridge inspections are still drone in a traditional way. To accelerate the adoption of drone technology in the bridge inspection market, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management has developed an assessment framework which allows them to determine the applicability of drone inspections for each bridge. Using a structured approach based on the known properties of the bridge, a “drone label” can be generated that clearly shows the business case in terms of time, money, safety and other parameters. Steven Verver and Kai Giese from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management will present this framework and show some real-world examples.

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