Kees Boonman


What’s Needed to Guarantee Professionalism

Explain, The Netherlands

Bio Data

Kees Boonman. Expert in educational measurement (examination) and passionate fighter against examination fraud. His motto: «Development of questions should be done by the industry, reliable measurement by the experts». As a responsible director of the VCA Exam program, with over 200.000 candidates a year, in more than 27 languages at 5.000 locations, he learned a lot about reliable measurement of knowledge and skills. How to manage a large examination system and how to permanently safeguard the competencies of the professional. Frequently he was confronted with individuals and organisations that tried to manipulate the program because of monetary gain. Those experiences made him an expert in developing high standard exams systems with maximum security, so there is no doubt about the professionalism of the graduates/certified. Since Kees left the VCA program, he has contributed his knowledge to a variety of branches and sectors.


With this presentation Kees Boonman will take you into the world of reliable measurements, regarding to knowledge and skills that are needed by the professional. What is needed for this and where are the potential dangers?

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