Koen De Vos


RPAS Regulation Implementation & U-Space

European Commission – Directorate General Mobility & Transport, European Union

Bio Data

Koen de Vos (Belgian, born on 21 March 1962) studied law (1985) and economics (1987) at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He started his career at the centre for development studies of the University of Antwerp (1988-89) and at the higher institute for labour studies of the University of Leuven (1990-93). He joined the services of the European Commission in 1993 to work on social and employment issues in the Coal and Steel industries and on Social Dialogue. He moved to the Transport Directorate-General in 2002 to join the Single European Sky team, working in the field of air traffic management to prepare the second Single European Sky package. Since September 2009, he has assumed responsibilities in the field of aviation safety and environment where he currently works on drones.


On 7 December 2015, a proposal for a regulation by the European Parliament & European Council on common rules in the field of civil aviation was published by the European Commission. This initiative was part of the 2015 European Commission’s «Aviation Strategy to Enhance the Competitiveness of the EU Aviation Sector». Its objective was to prepare the EU aviation safety regulatory framework for the challenges of the next ten to fifteen years and thus to continue to ensure safe, secure & environmentally friendly air transport for passengers and the general public. It built on over 12 years of experience in the implementation of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 & its predecessor. It must be seen in the context of the Commission priorities of fostering jobs & growth, developing the internal market and strengthening Europe’s role as a global actor. This initiative aimed at contributing to a competitive European aviation industry and aeronautical manufacturing, which generates high value-jobs and drives technological innovation. It was to create an effective regulatory framework for the integration of new business models & emerging technologies. In particular, it proposes to create an EU framework for the safe integration of RPA into the European airspace. This presentation will highlight the major points pertaining to the upcoming RPAS regulation and will explain the way forward, namely its implementation. It takes into account the U-Space Blue print produced by SESAR’s U-Space Working Group, and the European U-Space Demonstrator Network. The «Drone Implementing Regulations’ package (Implementing Act & Delegated Act)» has now been approved by the Commission. This presentation will highlight what still has to be done to make commercial drone operations a reality.

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