Kris Clarysse


Belgian Civil Drone Council

Federal Public Service Mobility & Transport, Belgium

Bio Data

Kris Clarysse is Deputy Director-general at the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority since January 2016. He joined the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority in 2001 as an Engineer and Project manager for the certification of Belgian airports. In 2007 he became head of the Airports department. He holds a master degree in electronics engineering and a private pilot license. Among his responsibilities are strategic and international affairs, the supervision of air navigation services and drones.  He has represented the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority in various international fora and is chairman of the Belgian Civil Drone Council.


The drone sector is growing rapidly worldwide and it is booming in Belgium as well. To support and promote the further development of the sector, the Belgian Civil Drone Council was created recently as a national consultation platform that brings together all stakeholders from the public and private sector. It facilitates a continuous dialogue on technological, operational and regulatory topics. All partners want to exchange information and experiences and promote collaboration in order to take the Belgian civil drone sector to the worldwide top and to guarantee the safety of all air traffic.  This presentation will explain how the Belgian Civil Drone Council has been established.

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