Marc Kegelaers


UniFly, Belgium


Bio Data  

Marc Kegelaers is currently co-owner and CEO of Unifly – a company that has created the next generation Air Traffic Control software to manage drone traffic, and he is a member of the GUTMA Board of Directors. He holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He also has an EASA CPL and is an experienced Flight Instructor. After a successful international career as an entrepreneur in the Telecommunication Industry, Marc got involved in aviation 15 years ago. The last 10 years, he served as the Chief Executive Officer and Accountable manager of BAFA – and made it the leading flight school in Belgium. Marc got involved in unmanned aviation four years ago when he decided to start a Remote Pilot License training at BAFA. This is also the period when BAFA co-founded BeUAS. Marc joined Unifly as shareholder and CEO. In addition, Marc is currently a board member of the Chamber of Commerce in Antwerp (VOKA) and serves as a board member of the VLOC (Flemish Aviation Training Center).


The need for UTM systems is becoming apparent. Industry reports show that the drone industry will only be able to evolve and grow if complex Drone Traffic Managements systems can be put in place. The economic importance of the Drone industry is high. Over the last few months international high level conferences have been held on the “Unmanned Traffic Management” topic all over the world, seeking to kick-start the development of UTM systems, as well as the design and implementation of comprehensive drone legislation. Research programs have been and are being initiated to develop technology that can be used in future UTM architectures, both in Europe and abroad. Because of it’s Global reach as a leading provider of UTM software technology, Unifly is uniquely positioned to give an overview on how things are evolving in the world and how the European U-space initiative compares to other UTM programs. We will also provide

*   Feedback from live demonstrations and tests using Unifly’s software – demonstrations that seek to show the state of technology

*   Information about how ANSPs are using Unifly’s software to ensure safe co-habitation of drones and manned aviation.

The last section of the presentation will focus on the need of creating industry standards for interoperability, both from an operational point of view (Conops),  as from a technology point of view.


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