Matthieu Gerard


The Necessity of Training Pilots and Having Learning Objectives for Europe

DeltaCopter – Belgian Drone School, Belgium

Bio Data

Matthieu Gérard is CEO of DeltaCopter, a company owning different programs. Belgian Drone School is one of these programs. Matthieu Gérard is an experienced UAV pilot, with 3000+hours of flight time on UAS including Oil&Gas inspections and cinema productions, experience in UAS conception, and UAS test pilot for SABCA, Official instructor in Belgium and Marketing Director for Belgian Drone School.


Our experience in education, at DeltaCopter (new name of our company) is based on our work at Belgian Drone School. Over 3 years, we have been training more than 600 UAV pilots. Belgian law (2019/04/10 royal decree) being one of the most restrictive UAV laws in Europe, and Belgian UAV exams being some of the most complete UAV exams in Europe, we feel we are able to see what is to be done, and what not. Editing our own collection of books was a great experience and exploration as well. Specific laws in different European countries can now be seen as drafts for the European laws to come, and the learning objectives to be defined. Belgian law asks for knowledge in meteorology, human performance, air law, communication and UAV royal decree. Some of these subjects are indispensable, and some of them, we feel, are not needed as such. Sharing our experiences, discussing specifics of different European terrains and airspaces, basically comparing notes is an essential work to be done. We can now decide together what the future of our drone world should be, and what kind of pilots will handle the machines flying over our children’s heads. At Deltacopter, our expertise lies with training, and we feel training and education is the single most important thing to consider for our future.

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