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Unisphere, Germany

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Michael Anger joined the Solar Impulse Project in 2011 after having graduated from University of Applied Sciences Munich with a degree in Systems and Aerospace Engineering and having proven himself in the wind turbine industry.
As a flight test engineer at Solar Impulse he was responsible for the system safety analysis process definition for the first solar aircraft. He lead a team of experts to plan and direct the first successful solar-powered flight around the world.
As founder of Unisphere he is actively shaping the world of High Altitude Platforms (HAPS) and low level commercial drone operations.


“Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) in Switzerland, Lessons Learnt”

The Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) has the leading role in commercial BVLOS drone operations in Europe. Unisphere was selected by FOCA to support the risk assessment of drone operations based on the JARUS designed SORA process.
The authors will share their unique experience gained during the approval process of SORA applications for logistics, inspection, tethered energy generation and agriculture from an authority point of view. The presentation will focus on:

  • The Swiss process of SORA approval
  •  Common problem areas for SORA applicants
  • Scaling operations through professionalization

Unisphere is a German company with a unique background in flight testing, flight operation and flight management ranging from light propeller airplanes to commercial jets and experimental aircraft. The core team had an instrumental role in the Solar Impulse project, the first solar aircraft to fly around the world in 2016. Unisphere offers its expertise to foster the implementation of worldwide BVLOS operations.

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