Michael Maes


Flight Operations in High Risk Areas

EuroUSC Benelux, The Netherlands

Bio Data

Michael Maes, European Safety Assurance Manager, EuroUSC™, has significant experience in different areas of aviation, both manned and unmanned.  Initially this was in ATC and Private jet dispatching in manned aviation, and then as unmanned aviation gathered momentum as RPAS Flight Operations Manager for Gatewing – now Delair, a high level RPAS manufacturer. In this role, Michael provided assistance to customers worldwide enabling RPAS flights. Now as EuroUSC’s Benelux representative, liaising with the National Aviation Authorities, Michael is not only developing EuroUSC business across Europe, but is also responsible for the delivery of pilot qualification courses, the assessment of potential pilots at flight examinations and Benelux customer service.


To undertake flights in a high-risk environment requires yet another level of expertise of drone flying. Is a specific training required? Why is this required and how can this be achieved?

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