Paniagiotis Loukinas


DroneRules Pro – Privacy Code of Conduct

Trilateral Research, UK

Bio Data

Panagiotis Loukinas is a Research Analyst at Trilateral Research. His research stands on the intersection of law and technology, examining in particular the impact of emerging technologies on human rights, migration and justice. His areas of expertise include drones, cyber security, border security, privacy and data protection. At Trilateral he works as part of the Research and Innovation Team, where he supports ongoing projects. Currently, he is working on the RAMSES and the Drone rules PRO projects. Prior to joining Trilateral, Panagiotis was a Doctoral Researcher at Queen’s University Belfast, focusing on the human rights risks and opportunities created by surveillance drones at EU borders, including issues related to border security, migration, privacy by design and personal data.


The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the Privacy Code of Conduct developed as part of the DroneRules PRO project (DRPRO). The DRPRO project is creating an online course for drone professionals and their legal obligations on privacy and data protection and how to address them. Responding to the dynamic policy context within Europe, the project supports the creation of a privacy culture within the commercial drone industry. The Privacy Code of Conduct is one of the materials produced within the DRPRO project and constitutes a set of standards for drone professionals across Europe, intended to help guide them in carrying out their everyday activities. The document lays out the possible uses of this Code as a foundation for an officially approved Code of Conduct for compliance with Article 40 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If approved, the Code of Conduct would make compliance with the GDPR more efficient and straightforward by establishing a formalised set of rules for the conduct of drone professionals to facilitate GDPR compliance. The Code provides a Glossary and introduces a set of Guidelines, which will support drone professionals in their handling and sharing of personal data. Additionally, the Code offers practical guidance to drone professionals on how to operationalize this Code of Conduct in practice and how to use it correctly. Thus, one of the main goals of the DRPRO project is to build support for this Privacy Code of Conduct so that it can form a basis on which the drone industry can collaborate and build a GDPR-recognised Code of Conduct for the drone sector pursuant to Article 40 GDPR.

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