Paul Tobias


ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik, Germany

Bio Data    

Tobias Paul is project manager at ESG within the experimental systems department. He is the responsible programme manager for the unmanned flying mission avionics testbed UMAT. In addition, he has a long years lasting and ongoing relationship to manned-unmanned teaming topics. During the last years, he was responsible for projects with respect to mission management, increase of UA autonomy, and communication also. Tobias Paul has a background as electrical engineer with a focus on control theory and robotics and is certified as PMI project management professional (PMP). He has been involved with the following projects: UMAT / Unmanned Mission Avionics Test Bed; CRoW / Cognitive Rotorcraft Wingman; FCAS / Future Combat Air System; Verbund Hubschrauber – abgesetzte Sensorplattform / Manned-Unmanned Teaming; ETAP TDP5.1 Multi-UCAV Mission Planning, Command and Control.


In close cooperation with the German Bundeswehr, ESG has modified an UMS Skeldar R-350 UAS to offer a testbed for in-flight evaluation of payloads and avionics. The UMAT programme started in 2009 and flights are performed since 2011. At the time, no comprehensive regulation was in place regarding the operation of RPAS of that size. Nevertheless, for ESG safe flight operations are very important. Consequently, it established the ESG RPAS Flight Organisation, which was based on the former JAR OPS 3: Commercial Air Transportation, but tailored to the specific demands of RPAS. The presentation introduces the UMAT UAS and the corresponding operational use case, and will present the established Flight Organisation, including organisational structure and Operational Manuals. Finally, lessons learned and best practices are presented. The presentation closes with an outlook to our activities regarding the upcoming Specific Category, including SORA.

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