Paul Vassy


Safran Electronics & Defence, France


Bio Data    

After graduating in Aerospace Engineering (SUPAERO), Paul Vassy has occupied several positions on UAV projects including Chief Engineer on the SDTI program (French version of the tactical RPAS SPERWER), project manager on retrofit of Mirage F1 and senior program manager of electronic equipment development programs for commercial aircraft applications including FADECS. Since 2016, Paul is in charge of Marketing & Sales of RPAS at Safran Electronics & Defense, promoting the export of Patroller RPAS.


Offering simultaneously an RPAS  tactical features allowing flexible and reduced cost operations, a compliance to the highest standards of safety for integration in the air space as well as a multirole capability is a matter of making the right design choice from the beginning. This presentation of Patroller RPAS shows how this challenge has been handled.


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