Peter Paree


Drones & Farmers – Reflections on Current & Future Applications

ZLTO Farmers Organisation, The Netherlands

Bio Data

As projectleader, Peter Paree has in 22 years led more than 200 projects, and now eads the ZLTO programmes “One health” and “Smart Farming”. He develops and organises projects on dissemination & introduction of innovations in the mainstream of agricultural sectors. He links the effort of stakeholders in new developments. In some programmes he succeeded to involve all relevant advisory services, scientists, ICT, mechanisation and innovative farmers in entrepreneur-based projects. He links management strategies of farmers to their environment, As social Economic extension officer, he has advised agrarians in strategic decisions on their business. Over the last few years, he has successfully initiated & finalised several EU projects.


Drones can help to determine plant health in agriculture and circumstances that are a threat to growth and quality of the crop. Drone data have high potential for farmers, if some circumstances are organised, like the possibility to fly over fields, proper processing of the data, agronomic interpretation of the data, calibration of the results. Technically we need as preconditions for drone data use: standardised datasets, accessable hubs & platforms, authorisaton dashboards, easy to use applications, etc. The introduction will show how Icares project has made big advancement in these issues.

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