Peter van Blyenburgh

Blyenburgh & Co, France (Drone-Rules.EU Consortium Member)
UVS International, The Netherlands

Bio Data

Peter van Blijenburgh, a Dutch national, was born in The Netherlands (1948) and resides in Paris, France (since 1976). He is the CEO of Blyenburgh & Co, a French strategic consultancy company & publisher. Mr. Van Blijenburgh is the founder of EuroUVS (1997), which became UVS International in 2000. He is currently in his 10th two year mandate as president of UVS International (www.uvs-international.org), a non-profit association registered in The Netherlands and operating out of offices in Paris, France, which represents more than 4000 companies (manufacturers & operators) & organizations involved with RPAS/drones in 35 countries. He has instigated the creation of 14 national RPAS/drone associations, and has been the instigator of and/or participant in multiple initiatives related to RPAS/drone regulations & standards. He is the founder of the International RPAS Coordination Council, which federates 32 associations in 29 countries. He is the editor of “RPAS: The Global Perspective”, the well-respected annual RPAS/drone reference publication and is also the creator of www.rpas-regulations.com, the world’s only web site dedicated to RPAS/drone regulations, which monitors 267 countries & overseas territories, as well as www.rps-info.com (a generic RPAS/drone information source), a data base of internationally registered patents relative to RPAS/drones (at system & sub-system level) & the architect of the related promotional web site (www.uas-patents.org). Mr. Van Blijenburgh has been implicated with RPAS/drones since 1987 & has supplied advisory services to corporate & governmental entities in Europe, the Middle East, and Far East & USA. He is a member of the ICAO RPAS Panel, the EC’s RPAS Roadmap Implementation Coordination Group, EASA’s General Aviation Sectorial Committee, EASA’s RMT.023 Drone Expert Group, SESAR’s U-Space Working Group, the DroneRules consortium (www.DroneRules.eu), as well as various corporate & academic advisory committees.

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