Piotr Sirko


Integration of Drones into Airspace

Helios, UK

Bio Data

Piotr Sirko has been a consultant Helios since 2015. He is a PhD from University College London, Ear Institute (2010-2015), a PhD (Biophysics/Cell Physiology) from University College London (2015), a MA from the University of Warsaw, Poland (2010), and a BA from the University of Warsaw, Poland (2008).


A number of recent demonstrations in Europe have been conducted or are planned to demonstrate that safe drone beyond visual line of sight operations and their integration into airspace are should possible. A number of technical and operational challenges associated with ensuring such operations can be conducted regularly need to be overcome. During our talk we wanted to identify the progress which has been made in overcoming these challenges over the past 10 years by comparing and contrasting the situation today to the one at the beginning of this decade. During our talk we will touch upon some of the key themes described below. To enable commercial drone operations safety of autonomous drone navigation will have to be ensured. Although routine flights between well-defined points can be implemented fairly easily, enabling drones the flexibility to fly to a number of new locations will be challenging given the changing nature of the low level environment in which drones are expected to operate. Drones will also have to provide updates on the progress of their flights and this information will have to be distributed in a timely way to a number of stakeholders such as, UTM providers, ANSPs and other drone operators. A changing situation in the air might necessitate that route updates are provided to the drone by systems controlling the drone’s flight path (such as UAS Traffic Management) quickly and reliably. Questions of responsibility for the drone in case it is affected by any challenges during the flight and of societal acceptance will also have to be clarified (especially considering the increasing aviation noise pushback which is faced by major airports). We will attempt to highlight the progress that has been made on these topics and other related topics during our talk.

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