Sven Willemsen


INTERREG-ICAReS: Objectives & Results

Municipality of Woensdrecht, The Netherlands
On behalf of INTERREG-ICAReS Consortium

Bio Data

B.Sc. Sven Willemsen, works for the municipality of Woensdrecht for almost 17 years. He has studied at the International Agriculture College of Larenstein and majored in Tropical Forestry as well as Western Nature and Foresty Conservation. After working for the ministry of Defense as nature conservationist he was employed at the municipality of Woensdrecht. At the municipality he develop himself as a allround employee with knowledge about public green, nature, infrastructure, subsidies, procurement policies and international projects. In the last five years he is the project manager for Aviolanda Aerospace. A sustainable rural development program for aerospace maintenance in the region of airbase Woensdrecht.


To stimulate the use of drones and Remote Sensing applications the ICAReS partnership is building cluster with end-users, SME’s, Governemental organisations and Knowledge institutes. The overall objective of the ICAReS project is to develop a cross border innovation cluster and create the necessary conditions for innovation in the field of remote sensing and advanced data communication & processing, based on needs of priority sectors nature, agriculture and water & infrastructure. The durable innovation cluster will lead to following benefits: cross border cooperation in these sector to come to aggregation of demands, acceleration of creation of innovative remote sensing products & services, substantial use of remote sensing and improved business operation in these sectors, clarification of different national legislations and a joint lobby for better regulations to create business opportunities. The first results will be presented and will provide insight in the needs of the priority sectors.

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