Entities interested to submit a proposal to give a PRESENTATION  at this conference are invited to complete the online Presentation Proposal Submission Form, or the downloadable Excel version, and supply the requested photo of the speaker / author & his/her organisation’s logo BEFORE 14 March 2020.

Entities interested to submit a proposal for a WHITE PAPER (no cost are involved), are invited to complete the online White Paper Proposal Submission Form.

White Papers fall into 2 categories:

  1. Documents supplying the Speaker’s detailed message in prose (with table, diagrams, photos);
  2. Detailed technical documents or position/opinion papers, which are NOT presented by a speaker.

In both cases, the copyright remains with the author and full author credits are indicated.
White Papers are disseminated together with the conference proceedings.
Interested entities can make several proposals for both a Presentation & a White Paper.

General information

To submit proposals for presentations and/or white papers for consideration, the following forms should be completed :

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